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We offer university-accredited CEU courses to educators in all 50 states!

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Online Learning Simplified

Online Learning Simplified

E-CRED develops high-quality continuing education courses for K12 educators. Courses are accredited nationally and offer credits such as Continuing Education Units (CEU), Professional Learning Units (PLU), Professional Development Units (PDU), Clock Hours and more. Credits can be used for license renewals, salary increase, advancements, as well as to meet various other state and/or district requirements. Course content is developed by our experienced course developers and instructors, then vetted by educators in both K12 and collegiate settings, making learning relevant to today’s teaching demands. Each course is researched- based, asynchronous, and contain 30+ hours of instruction focused on professional development and training to improve teaching, learning, and overall effectiveness.


To provide a transformational learning experience for anyone in the K12 setting through high-quality online professional development and training opportunities.

We Believe In the Power of Online Education

Our approach to online learning is centered on student achievement and professional growth for everyone working in the K12 setting. Our seven designated focus areas are:

  • Improving how administrators lead
  • Improving how teachers teach
  • Providing transformational learning experiences for all students
  • Improving school culture and climate
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Providing Training on new initiatives and practices
  • Providing Professional Development for Improvement

We Love to Collaborate

E-CRED works closely with schools, school districts, and various other agencies to customize online professional development and training needs. Our approach will save your organization time, money, and increase overall efficiency. Contact us to learn more, and be sure to check out our video located in the gray banner on our “HOME” page.